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Party Drop Zone

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25% of All sales go to Hurricaine Sandy  NJ Relief Team

Title: Party Drop Zone  EP

 Artist Name: DJ Producer CCM 

Genre: EDM/House 

Number of Tracks: 5

 Explicit Lyrics: no
Label: Carlos Castaneda Music 

Release Date: 05/18/2013

Copyright Year: 2013 
Catalog Number: RN197599 

UPC: 799475584039 


1. World Wide Lies.

2. That`s All I Do

3.Party Drop Zone

4. How We Be

5. Good & Real

DJ-Producer CCM`s "Party Drop Zone"  is all about catchy hooks and melodies, powerful drum beats, unique bass lines, crunchy synth riffs, creative musical arrangements, tight composition, and  structure.
-Carlos Castaneda Music is produced in high quality audio and  up to date with the industry standard.

His music is superb, hot and original. 

- Mission and Goal

"Music is about learning, creating, evolving, enjoying, and sharing. To me it`s all about creating an emotional connection between my music and the listener"




-Artist Thoughts

"Half of the battle is won by staying focused on your dreams. Don`t let anyone or anything com in between.

Anyone can stand up and handle their business, make a way, find a way, pull strength out of weakness"


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